Welcome to Shelale Turkish Vans
We are a small cattery on the coast of California dedicated to preserving and encouraging the natural awesomeness of the Turkish Van breed.  We breed for cats that are outgoing and loyal. The Van is playful and affectionate and usually bonds to one or two people in the household.  He will notice when you are sick or sad and warm you in your bed, but this is not your typical lapcat breed.  They love to cuddle, but they are very passionate about it and they will tell you exactly how they wish to be petted.  We also breed for intelligence, gorgeous coats, conformation and athleticism, yet the Turkish Van doesn’t need a whole lot of help from us to produce a great cat and pet.  Nature has done the work; its our job not to mess with it.  This is a natural breed that evolved to sport a dense chalk-white coat (one of the few long-haired breeds with no undercoat which means they don’t need a lot of grooming). This cashmere-textured coat helped them withstand the snowy winters in Turkey.  It is a common belief the Turkish Van breed developed a fondness for water because fishing from the waters of Lake Van was essential to its survival.  The water affinity varies from cat to cat. You never know if your van is going to be a swimmer or prefer to bat at a dripping faucet. Yet you can guarantee your Turkish Van will surprise you with some charming idiosyncrasy.  
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